Step 1:- 

Go to preferred CMS - Stories Create Story 

Step 2:- 

Story Editor : - Where you can write your story content

Step 3:- 

Story Properties : -

  • Title (Title of news ) (Mandatory) 

  • Subtitle (Description of news)

  • Upload featured image (Cover image of Story)

  • Main category (main category of news, the story more related) (We are going to use this category from the SEO purpose as well, as it is going to add in story URL) (Mandatory)

  • Date of news (For overriding the date of the news on the website)

  • Secondary category (If you want to show the same news in other categories) (If the story is related to the more categories as well)

Step 4:- 


  • URL (for SEO Purpose) (Mandatory)

  • Focus Keywords (for SEO Purpose)

  • Tags (for SEO Purpose)

  • English Title/Meta (for SEO Purpose)

  • Configure Social Posting (For adding social media story description)

Step 5:- 


  1. Story Credits: - (Add story credits, For Ex: - Reporter, Editor, Image By, Reviewed by etc.)

Step 6:- 

Fact Check Articles Only. All Fields Mandatory: - (For adding Fact Check details)

  • Show Claim Review On Website / Google Schema

  • Claim Review

  • Claimed By

  • Reviewed By

  • Claim Source

  • Claim Fact Check Result


Step 7:- 

Distribution Control : -

  • Check preview (To check the preview of the story, how is it going to look like after making it live)

  • Send for Editing (If the editor wants to verify the story with their chief Editor and after that it will only get Published)

  • Publish now (For making Story Live on website)

  • Schedule for later (If you want to make story live after a certain period of time)

  • Save draft (If you need to add some extra content then you can draft your story)