Step 1: 

Go to : 

a) Label Section:- Add Partner  name

b) Choose reCAPTCHA v2

b) Add domain name two times without “HTTPS” first domain name like “”  and the second one with www like “”  

Step 2: 

Put the below script above the static page content

<hocal-script async="async" src=""></hocal-script>

Step 3: 

Add this below reCaptcha code where we want to add this ReCaptcha using static page, Go to CMS - Website management - Static Pages - select the static page and put your code inside the <> code view.

<div class="error error-message left-align" id="err-check-terms-condition" style="display: none">

                    Please check that you have read terms and conditions


                    <div class="captcha-wrap">

                    <div class="cont">

                    <p class="formhead">Security Code:</p>


                    <div class="cont" id="captcha_wrapper">

                    <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="6LdWnWsdAAAAAIWRBbUIYhPWRXCnjdk31HUQzEIY"></div>



                    <div class="common-message captcha-error" id="captcha-error"></div>


Step 4: 

Try verifying the captcha starts showing and working for the selected page.