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Use URL Prefix - Enter the Website Domain with http:// or https:// 

example -


Very your Ownership, using any below method: -

  1. HTML File - Upload an HTML file to your website (create a static page with the file name and file content)
  2. HTML tag - Add "HTML tag" using, CMS - Website management - Ad Management, use Page type - common Element ID - sync_header_tags - Paste the code using Custom Ad code and save.
  3. Google Tag Manager - Follow the steps written in the search console for verification.
  4. Domain name provider - Follow the steps written in the search console for verification
  5. Google Analytics - Follow the below-given steps and try verifying the ownership.


Try Verifying the integration of the Google Serch console.


Share the access on Hocalwire mail ID, which is mentioned in the onboarding form shared by the sales team or you can ask for the mail ID by sending mail to


Question - How do give access to another user in the Google search console/webmaster?

Go to Left Bottom Setting - click Users and permissionsAdd User as - (we will share user mail id on mail/ WhatsApp group)

Setup Feeds:

  1. domain/sitemap/sitemap-index.xml
  2. domain/sitemap-daily.xml
  3. domain/news-sitemap-daily.xml (for publishers in google news)