We at Hocalwire are always there with our clients. If the client needs any (Change/Update/Addin their Website/App, then they just need to log in to the

Freshdesk and write down the issue(s).

If you are not registered on Freshdesk, Please follow the steps mentioned below and synchronise with us for anything.

Question - How to register on FreshDesk ?

Step 1: -

Answer - There are TWO ways to register: -

1) Type this link in your Browser: https://hocalwire.freshdesk.com/


2) Directly use the CMS - 

go to CMS - Profile (right side top - Drop Down) - Tickets

Step 2: - 

Click on Sign up and a new page will open which is shown below.

You need to fill below details: -

  1. Your Name and
  2. Your Email ID
  3. Tick Mark the checkbox

Then click Register.

Or mail us on support@hocalwire.com after sending mail on this mail ID, it will auto generate the ticket and you can use the same logins while going to Freshdesk

Step 3: -

An Activation link will be sent to your Registered Email Id. Open your Mail and you will see a mail like this.

Once you will click on that link then it will navigate you to a page where it will

ask you to Enter/ Create the Password which you want to keep for your Hocalwire

Freshdesk Account.

Enter the password and click on ACTIVATE AND LOG IN .

Question - How to create ticket using FreshDesk/ Ticketing system ?

After getting registered. You will see a page like this.

To create a new ticket click on New Support Ticket. This will again open a new page as shown below.

You need to fill below details. All fields marked with star are mandatory to be filled.

  • Here the first field is your Registered Email id, which is automatically filled.
  • Subject: Here you need to enter the Title for this ticket.
  • Type of Problem: Select proper option from the dropdown.

The options are :

  • Priority: Here you need to mention the priority of the ticket- low, medium, high, urgent.
  • Description: Here you need to describe your ticket in your own words.

You can attach a file with this ticket for reference.

Click on Submit when you are done.

Now, the ticket has been created and the Hocalwire support team will reply to you on the same ticket, informing you on the registered mail on every action on the ticket.