Question - Why we are using Category sorting?

Answer - Whenever we have a category as parent category like "Sportsand it has child categories like "Cricket", "Football", "Tennis" and "Badminton" etc. and we have to sort them or we want: -

    “Cricket” has to appear First and 

    “Tennis” in the Last.

Then we use Category Sorting.

Question - How to configure that?


Step - 1: -

Go to CMS - Website Management - Category Sorting

Step - 2: -

First define the order as 1,2,3,4 as per the requirement,

Likewise - you want to show Cricket at “1st” position then put “1” as order number.

At the same way Bedminton on “2nd” position then put “2” as the order number

Step - 3: -

Check the website, categories will start showing as per the given order.