Question - What is Static Page ?

Answer - Static pages are: 

 About us, 

 Contact us, 

 Terms and conditions or Terms, 

 Privacy Policy or Privacy, 

 Advertise with us, 

 Our team 

 and many more.

Question - What should we use as a standard URL’s for our static page?

Answer - 

About us
Contact us/contact-us
Terms and conditions 
Privacy Policy
Advertise with us
Our team


Step 1: -

Go to CMS - Website Management - Static Pages - Add Pages

Step 2: -

Fill the Box with Page data/ content: -

  • Page name 
  • Page URL
  • Page content in any language
  • Choose Templates - For using full width or normal screen size page design (Optional)
  • Page Type - For putting any row content data. (Optional)

Step 3: -

Set static page SEO details: -

  • Page Title, 
  • Page Description, 
  • Page Keywords

Question: - How to open/ check static page created or not and the view?

Answer - Open the Static Page using: -

                    Domain + given URL 

           + /about-us =


click on the Globe button under action column