Step 1 - 

Authenticate Social media:-

Go to CMS - Social - Handles

Step 2 -

For example, Facebook

  • Click on Authenticate Facebook

  • Select pages which you want to add 

  • Give Permission 

  • We are all set for Facebook Auto posting.

Your Social Media will get added into the list

For Example, Twitter

  • Click on Authenticate Twitter

For Example, Telegram

Instruction are written below, or you can find this while authenticating Telegram into the system.

Step 3 -

Creating Rule for Auto Posting:-

Go to CMS - Social - H-Rules - Create rule

Step 4 -

  • Give Rule Name
  • Add Description

Note: - do not check any of the setting 

Set Rule parameters:-

  • Select Tag (if you want to post news/ articles based on Tags)
  • Choose category (if you want to post news/ articles based on Category)
  • Select Author (if you want to post news/ articles based on Author)

Select Handles:-

  1. Select Handels (One which you want to enable auto posting for the created rule)

    Your social media Auto posting has been enabled, From now, your all News/ articles, which match with the created rule, They will Auto Post on the Selected Social Media's.