( Needs Ad Management Permission to configure Ads )

Step 1 : Open Ad Management Tab 

        Login >> Web Management >> Ad Management

Step 2 : Choose the Page or the element using the filter


* Note : The Admin can choose to rename the element names to a convenient customized name for easy recall, by pressing the rename option.

Step 3 : Option 1 : Press " Banner Ad " if you want to upload a direct Banner Ad

In the appropriate element , press Banner Ad to upload  

Step 3 :Option 2 : For Adding custom Ad code ( DFP / Adsense / External Ad Code ) Select the Custom Ad Code link

Step 4: Upload Banner Ad & Make Necessary changes in CMS

Options like border color , padding, margin can be set and controlled from here. This banner option is best suited for direct ads which are placed based on time bound contracts.

Step 5 : Make the Ad live on Website

You can toggle the status on an ad from Approved ( live on website ) to Pending ( not live on website) by the button on the right

Step 6: Edit the Ad / Change the Ad

You can also change the layout to a different Banner ad , by choosing ads using the same Banner Ad Button.