Hocalwire supports clients with 3 sets of offerings

Newsroom Tech

The first and prime focus is to enable scalable tech for Newsroom Operations.This involves tech and processes which enable the techninal backbone of running a scalable Newsroom Operation.

Hocalwire CMS is a culmination of number of products and processes which have been developed for the betterment of Newsroom operations. Based on the Subscription plan,Hoclawire enables and configures these products and processes for running a newsroom.

Newsroom Services

Based on need for support from clients, Hocalwire in colloboration with freelancers and other 3rd Party Agencies also provide services which are beneficial for clients. These services are typically billed seperatly and Hocalwire clients get the benfits of getting a subsidesed cost for these services from various vendors. These services include

- SEO Content advisory

- Google News Listing & Management

- Social Media Monitoring & Management

- Design services for Landing Pages / Microsites / Site Revamp

Ad-Hoc Development Services

Apart from the main product of Hocalwire, we also provide Ad Hoc development request which are inline with requirements of the clients.

Please reach out to Hocalwire Support for any specific services or ad-hoc development requests